The Australia Skilled Migration Program has opened up a plethora of options for professionals seeking to migrate to Australia. Australia offers immense opportunities to talented workers and the Skilled Migration Program helps professionals from a wide range of disciplines with varying documentation apply for Australian permanent residency. We can help you navigate the intricacies of this program and apply to the right subclass of visa with complete peace of mind.


The Skilled Migration Program invites professionals whose profession is listed on the Skilled Occupations List to lodge an Expression of Interest (EOI) in Skill select, which enables Australian immigration officials to evaluate your profile. There are varying subclasses under the Australia Skilled Migration Program and applicants must choose the one most appropriate for them. These subclasses are:

  • Skilled Independent Visa (subclass 189): A points-based visa for applicants who have not been nominated by an employer, state, territory or family member.
  • Skilled – Nominated (subclass 190) Visa: A points-based visa for applicants who have been nominated by an Australian state or territory. You can apply for this visa even though you may not be nominated by an employer.

    Eligibility requirements

    • Experience in a nominated occupation on Australia’s Skilled Occupations List
    • Get a skill assessment report by a designated authority for that occupation

    The Subclass 190 visa is for aspiring immigrants who have the skills and abilities that are in demand in specific states of the country. However, these aspirants might not have the required points to qualify for a skilled independent visa under the Skilled Migration program. The visa is for skilled experts and tradespeople who can be nominated by an Australian state or territory.

  • Skilled – Recognized Graduate Visa (subclass 476): With this visa, recent engineering graduates can work, live, or study in Australia for up to 18 months. Applicants should have completed a degree from a specific institution within the past 2 years. The applicant should be under 31 years of age.

  • Graduate Temporary (Subclass 485) Visa: A visa for migrant students who have completed at least 2 years of study in Australia
  • Skilled – Nominated or Sponsored Provisional (Subclass 491) Visa: A points-based visa for applicants who are nominated by an Australian state or territory, or by a relative living in regional areas (i.e., except Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane, rest all considered as regional cities or areas), to live and work in regional areas. The applicant can move between regional areas. It is a temporary visa valid for 5 years and can be converted to PR after working for 3 years with a minimum threshold salary of AUD53,900 p.a. Applications of 491 subclasses are eligible for priority processing.
  • Skilled Regional (Subclass 887) Visa: A permanent visa for migrants who currently hold other applicable visas


The Australia Skilled Migration Program requires all applicants to meet a certain minimum threshold of skills and abilities to apply for the visa. You will be assessed based on:

  • Your age (must be below 50 years of age)
  • Highest level of education
  • Your English language skills
  • Whether your occupation is on the Skilled Occupations List
  • Your work experience
  • Health and character assessment


We provide comprehensive support and help you with:

  • Document Checklist
  • Complete Migration Processing & Application Processing
  • Guidance for Professional Registration Application
  • Forms, Documentation & Petition Filing
  • Guidance in acquiring the specific Police Clearance Certificate
  • Assistance with Medicals
  • Updates & Follow-up with the Consulate
  • Visa Interview Preparation – if required
  • Job Search Assistance (charges extra)

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The Australia Skilled Graduate Visa permits recent Engineering graduates to reside, work or study in Australia for a maximum 18 months. The applicants must have completed a higher qualification or degree from a specified institution in the last 24 months. They must also be less than 31 years of age.

The government fees for Australia Visa application is diverse based on your individual circumstances and the Visa Subclass that you are applying for. The total government fees range from AUD 435 for an Employer Sponsored Visa to AUD 4,045 plus for some Skilled Visas.

Australia Skilled Immigration Visa a big opportunity for people who intend to work in the nation on a permanent or provisional basis. The Subclass 189 Skilled Visa application takes roughly 8 to 10 months for its processing.

Yes, the points system is applicable even for the Australia Subclass 190 Visa. The minimum points that need to be scored by the applicants are 65. The test for points is the same for Subclasses 190 and 189. 

The fundamental difference between Subclasses 190 and 189 is that in 190 an applicant is nominated for the Visa by the State. The additional 5 points as per the points test will be contributed by the State. 

However, when it comes to Subclass 189, the extra points are not applicable. Additionally, the applicant has to initially remain for 2 years in the State that nominated them under the Subclass 190.

Whereas, under the Subclass 189 Visa, there is no such restriction and the applicant can reside anywhere in Australia.

The SkillSelect program was devised to assess applicants with skills under a point-based system so that migrants with the right skills can be selected. The applicants are given points under the following criteria:

Age– Scores are given based on the age group the applicant belongs to.  Those between the ages of 25 and 32 score the most points while those above 45 do not gain any points.

English language proficiency- Applicants are required to take the IELTS test.  If you score 8 bands or more, you get 20 points.

Skilled employment-If you have experience in a skilled occupation that is listed in the Skilled Occupations List you will get points based on the years of experience.

Educational qualification-Points are given based on your highest educational qualification. To get points, your qualification must be related to your nominated occupation.

Australian qualifications– You can get five points if you have an Australian qualification from an Australian educational institute.  You should have done the course from an Australian institute while you were in Australia. And you should have studied for at least two years.

Regional study- You can gain an additional 5 points if you have lived and studied in regional Australia in a place with a low population.

Community language skills– You will gain another 5 points if you have translator/ interpreter level skills in one of the country’s community languages.

Spouse/partner skills and qualifications- If you have included your spouse/partner in the application and he/she is not an Australian resident/citizen, then their skills are eligible to be counted towards your total points

Professional year- You will stand to gain another 5 points if you have completed a Professional Year in Australia in the last five years.

The Australian government releases three occupation lists to guide individuals looking at skilled immigration to Australia.

MLTSSL – Medium and Long Term Strategic Skills List – applicable for 189, 190, 491  & 485 subclasses

STSOL – Short Term Skilled Occupation List – applicable for 190 and 491 subclasses

ROL – Regional Occupations List – applicable for 491 subclass.


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