Are you an Australian PR holder or citizen and want to call your parents to Australia? The Australia Parent Migration Visa allows PR holders or citizens to sponsor a PR visa for their parents. However, this is not a simple immigration procedure and you will need expert guidance to help you. With our in-depth knowledge and decades of experience with Australian immigration, Vin Consultancy can help you settle with your parents in Australia.


The Australia Parent Migration Visa is classified into two types:

Non-Contributory Parent Visas: This is a PR visa which has low processing fee but has indefinite processing timelines that may exceed 30+ years. Parent(s) can explore the option of visiting visa under 600 sub class where they grant a visiting visa that lasts up to 18 months on a case to case basis.

Contributory Parent Visas: This is a fast-track PR visa which has a processing timeline of as short as 2-4 years for select applicants based on the queue and cap.

Successful applicants to the Australia Parent Migration Visa can:

  • Stay indefinitely in Australia on a PR
  • Can live, work and study in Australia
  • Can enrol in Australia’s public healthcare scheme
  • Can sponsor their relatives to come to Australia
  • Can apply for citizenship


The documentation and other requirements for Australia Parent Migration Visa includes:

  • Having a child who is an Australian citizen, PR holder or eligible New Zealand citizen
  • Applicant should have half or more of their children living permanently in Australia
  • Meet health, character and other visa conditions
  • Applicant’s sponsors should demonstrate financial capability
  • Must not have no further stay condition for those applying from Australia
  • Passport & travel history


With our vast experience in Australian immigration, We can help you understand and navigate the process with complete confidence. Our services include:

  • Eligibility evaluation
  • Immigration documents checklist
  • Complete application processing
  • Forms, documentation & application filing
  • Updates & follow up
  • Relocation and post-landing support in Australia

The Australia Parent Migration Visa is a cap driven visa. If you are looking to bring your parents to Australia, start your process today to take advantage of friendly immigration policies before they change. Reach out to us for reliable, professional visa application support.

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If you are an Australia PR holder/Citizen/eligible New Zealand Citizen, you can bring over your parents for 3 or 5 years under the Subclass 870 Sponsored Parent Provisional Visa.

You can sponsor your parents to Australia through the Subclass 870 Sponsored Parent Provisional Visa. It offers overseas parents a new route to provisionally unite with their children and grandchildren residing in Australia. This Visa also ensures that the additional costs are not borne by the taxpayers.

A sponsored parent can apply for the Sponsored Parent Provisional Visa after the application for sponsorship has been approved.

Subclass 870 Sponsored Parent Provisional Visa allows bringing over parents to Australia for up to 3 or 5 years. The applicant must be a parent of an Australia PR holder/Citizen/eligible New Zealand Citizen. The costs of this Visa are:

  • AUD 5,000 for 3 years
  • AUD 10,000 for 5 years

To apply for the Subclass 870 Sponsored Parent Provisional Visa, the parent must be the adoptive, biological, or Step parent of the sponsor. The Sponsor must be an Australia PR holder/Citizen/eligible New Zealand Citizen.

Step 1 – Before you apply

Check if you are eligible prior to applying and if you have an authorized Parent Sponsor. You cannot apply for this Visa if you do not have an authorized Parent Sponsor.

Step 2 – Collect your documents

Offer proof to support your Visa application

Step 3 – Apply for the visa

You must apply for the Visa online and from outside Australia. This is within six months of approval of the sponsorship. If you are applying from within Australia, you must possess the Permission to Apply.


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